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ABC Of Sexually Transmitted Infections - Michael Adler et al.

Rating: Rating: 3 out of 5


Lots of glossy images. Summary tables put to good use too.


Better books are available. Not comprehensive when describing disease managment

Rough Price:


BMJ Publishing



This (fifth) edition of the ABC of Sexually Transmitted Infections comes twenty years after the first edition and needless to say that there have been a lot of changes since then. Initial chapters cover global themes, such as the control and prevention of STIs and their examination and investigation and the book then examines some specific diseases in more detail, focussing on their clinical features, diagnosis and management. Pages are well-illustrated with colour photographs as well as with flow charts and summary boxes.

Despite all of the above, this book still disappoints. Visually, large chunks of text still make the book intimidating to read and the information about the various STIs is not presented well. Chapters tend to be verbose and sifting through them to find the relevant facts is a pain. Conversely, management options for the STIs are not always fully considered, with some relatively common treatments failing to feature at all.

Overall, this text would probably be enough to get you through the relatively short GU medicine curriculum and the pictures will definitely be useful to scare your friends with but better, more concise texts are out there that will prove easier to read and ultimately more informative too.

Reviewed By: Ian Anderson (13.06.2007)

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BMJ Books


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